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Winter is here, and we've heard you, you've been using the beard butter on all your hair (short cuts), telling us it keeps your hair looking healthy and not dry. So, we've packaged it in a 4 oz. tin and gave it a new label. Get some BTTR© and tame that beard or fade, soothe that itchy skin, you'll thank yourself. You NEED this, BTTR© is not a hyped up, false claiming, smelly, oily substance but something you can apply wet or dry, thats good for your skin, and has a light scent similar to that of a good rosé that goes well with any scent you wear.

BTTR seals moisture after your shower or face wash so your skin underneath isn't itching like a mad person.

I created BTTR© after using other butters and balms and felt underwhelmed first by the scents and then by the number of ingredients that didn't help my end goal which was a healthy hair without itchy skin year round that my wife loved to play in. 

Do your hair and skin a favor, make it BTTR.


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