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Winter is here, your skins dry, its itchy and you want to cut your beard... STOP!!!! Get some BTTR© and tame that beard and soothe that itchy skin, your partner will thank you too!You need this, BTTR© is not a hyped up, false claiming, smelly, oily substance but something you can form your beard, good for your skin, and has a light scent similar to that of a good rosé that goes well with any scent or cologne you wear.

Beware of brands that claim it will help you grow a beard in places you currently have no hair growth, they're lying, flat out. What will BTTR© beard butter do?
It helps you keep your beard healthy growin, it also seals moisture after your shower or face wash so your skin underneath isn't itching like a mad person which is what leads to most folks cutting their beard. If others claim you'll have a full beard faster than your genes determine, again, they lying like shhhhhhhhhht. The process takes time as all good things do, there are no shortcuts, what you do need is a good product and this is it. 

I created BTTR© after using other butters and balms and felt underwhelmed first by the scents and then by the number of ingredients that didn't help my end goal which was a healthy long beard without itchy skin year round that my wife loved to play in (and now get tortured by my toddler that loves pulling on 😒). Either way, I've kept a healthy long beard for over 10 years. It's not a look for me, it's a bearded life, if you can grow a beard, WHY NOT? Shaving is for people that are required to do so for employment... PERIOD.

If you have a patchy beard, my condolences, grow a nice ass mustache or goatee, you'll still need a good product for your mustache or goatee, try BTTR©.


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