Superior Worx MFG. Co. (SWMFG) is an American Lifestyle/Heritage brand with an emphasis on quality, material and last but not least style. We look back to the past for cues on craftsmanship, fabric and detail but add today's fashion twists to stay up to date.

We began SWMFG after growing tired of creating designs for others and deciding to strike out on our own with our own vision and plan. That vision being to focus on fit and fabric as well as the artwork be it screen print or embroidery. Being steeped in the streetwear & sneaker world we wanted to add something different and not just another copy. Most of our designs are either iconic logotype paying homage to the 80s-90s or something artistic as we are also classically trained. So you can say we pretty much cover the full gamut. We are always creating, be it a new design or just creating something to hang on our walls. Art/Fashion runs our lives.

Our mission is to bring Superior Quality Goods to the everyday woman and man by way of t shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and accessories, we see our key to success is keeping a small group of creatives with the same goal. We would also like to create a community of like minded individuals that want to bring our city back to its shinning state.

Superior Worx was the name chosen for its description of the type of pieces we want to release, things of superior quality & design. Staying humble with our work ethic we stamp each hang tag by hand and add 1763 to every piece as a reminder of where we are from & where we started. 1763 being the apartment building where we grew up as children in Northwest DC. Third floor, no A/C no working elevator no heat in the winter. If you could make it out of that neighborhood you can make it anywhere.

The company name also lends to the purpose we would like to spread which is to do Superior things, to do better, to excel in whatever you do daily, like our motto states "Strive for Greatness", its not just words but our way of life.

So please check out our products and hopefully we have something you like, know that every piece was hand decorated or made in the District of Columbia. As we always say "From DC to sea to sea to overseas" we want to be everywhere you are.

Superior Worx MFG. Co. - Strive for Greatness