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Winter is here, your skins dry, its itchy and you want to cut your beard... STOP!!!! Get some BTTR© and tame that beard and soothe that itchy skin, your partner will thank you too!You need this, BTTR© is not a hyped up, false claiming, smelly, oily substance but something you can form your beard, good for your skin, and has a light scent similar to that of a good rosé that goes well with any scent or cologne you wear.

Beware of brands that claim it will help you grow a beard in places you currently have no hair growth, they're lying, flat out. What will BTTR© beard butter do?
It helps you keep your beard healthy growin', it also seals moisture after your shower or face wash so your skin underneath isn't itching like a mad person which is what leads to most folks cutting their beard. If others claim you'll have a full beard faster than your genes determine, again, they lying like shhhhhhhhhht. The process takes time as all good things do, there are no shortcuts, what you do need is a good product and this is it. 

I created BTTR© after using other butters and balms and felt underwhelmed first by the scents and then by the number of ingredients that didn't help my end goal which was a healthy long beard without itchy skin year round that my wife loved to play in (and now get tortured by my toddler that loves pulling on 😒). Either way, I've kept a healthy long beard for over 10 years. It's not a look for me, it's a bearded life, if you can grow a beard, WHY NOT? Shaving is for people that are required to do so for employment... PERIOD.

The weather can be harsh on your face and that means an itchy beard. Our beard serum not only adds a nice shine but also soothes the skin underneath your beard. It contains jojoba oil, aloe vera, shea butter, tea tree oil and hemp oil as well as other ingredients to help stop hair bumps, gives eczema and psoriasis relief. Take care of your beard, which really means take care of your skin. The serum works well as throughout the day finisher. Make this part of of your daily beard care plan.

Kit includes:

  • 1- 2oz. balm can
  • 1- 2oz dropper bottle



Made locally
Hand mixed and poured
Free Shipping Included

If you have a patchy beard, my condolences, grow a nice ass mustache or goatee, you'll still need a good product for your mustache or goatee, try Goods* Beard Care.


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