Spring/Summer Quickstrike #1

Posted by superiorWDC on

So next month we'll be releasing a 6 designs quickstrike. Three logo centric vintage feel tees and three large print tees. We're bringin back the Close Cut tee in a Outdoors colorway as well as our Natives tee with a updated look. We're also droppin' the Camper Tee which is is influenced buy summer camps & peace pipes. We bring three new shirts, first up is the City Tee consisting of Roses and some say influenced by Givenchy but those in the know, know it isn't. The Re-Creation Tee is a reworked Michelangelo "Creation of Adam" c. 1511 on the Sistine Chapel thats been updated and pixelated with "GODS finger" touching an astronaut giving life to the future and lastly we have the Wavy Tee, which is a reworked Hokusai piece from 1830 that we redrew leaving out the boats which we thought took away from the serenity of the wave. So there you have it the Spring quickstrike! #STG #SPRW