The Freshman

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You know we love hip hop over here.  So when I heard XXL was doing a list of top freshman I was kinda interested.  Here's one of the covers featuring no other than DMV's own Wale:

Here's our take on this list:

Wale - We all know about him and his music.  Dude is sick and he put Nike Boots on the map

Asher Roth- If you miss Eminem and want that good herb vibe feeling you need to download his DJ Drama mixtape.  It's offical.

B.O.B - Don't know much about him.  We heard he's nice though.

Charles Halmiton - Dude is hit or miss with us, he's dropping mixtapes like 50 used to so you have plenty of material to go by.  Maybe if he rocked a BDC shirt instead of the Sonic ones.

Ace Hood - Dude from MIA and signed to Khaled.  Do we really need to say more? You'll be hearing his album first.  We heard him spit a crazy freestyle so he does have skills.

Curren$y - Another hit or miss dude, heard more from him since he left Cash Money but I'm digging the name Fly Society.

Kid Cudi - Don't know much about him besides the connect to Kanye.  He rocking the Air Yeezy's on the XXL cover so we're kinda jealous.

Corey Gunz - Swear this is peter gunz son.  You remember Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz?  yeah this has got to be his son

Blu -Dude is from Cali and we remember an album he did with someone.  His music didn't really stick with us

Mickey Fats - We know 0 about him.  I guess we should get to googling huh?