DC Hustle: ain't nuthin like it!

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DC yessir!!!

What we got here are videos of some of the folks we fuk with from the city. We try to catch all of these dudes shows, im talking bout the dudes Raheem DeVaugn & W. Ellington Felton. Cool sh!t bout the 2nd vid is I was there. These dudes are talented as hell, proving DC has everything you need. Raheem and Dub been doing it for a minute now, Raheem's keeps dropping mixtapes like hes DJ Drama but he definelty keep next Tuesday be sure to pick it up. Dub always has some projects in the works, dude is defintely always hustlin, I even saw him in some pics forwarded to me about Republic Gardens being locked out and the dude was there. Oh and third vid got some GO-GO for you non DC bammas. Aint nothing like GOGO, if you think you got a movement in yo city it aint sh!t compared to our city PERIOD END OF STORY!!!! DC DC DC DC DC

Raheem Devaugn: Text Messages

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